Holesom Boards

We enjoyed our time with David Williams of Holesom Boards located in sunny San Clemente, CA. We always learn something new about Holesom, and longboarding for that matter, each time we chat. Take a listen and get to know why Holesom is one of our favorite brands and why thousands of riders concur. As they say, "Keep it Holesom" and always "Ride With A Smile."  

A short intro to Holesom from their website:

  • Holesom was born from the joy of riding skateboards down hills. So much so, it is reflected in our motto: ride with a smile and keep it Holesom. That's what we do and that is what you will get... products that get you to the bottom of the hill with a smile : )  
  • Our products are unique and so is our path. And we tend to attract our own- skaters who don't want what everybody else has, free to take the path less traveled, free to creatively do their own thing. 
  •  We are a small company with a 600sf warehouse. The owner/founder does the sweeping, packs and ships every order and answers every phone call. He also wrote this "about" page. And so we feel every bearings sale, every puck order. We see your name, where you live, what you ordered, and we want you to know how much it is appreciated. 
  • Making products that get you to the bottom of the hill with a smile is an accomplishment. But only Holesom makes you smile on the walk back up. World famous Holesom Slide pucks smell exactly like frootloops, bubblegum and keylime pie, to name a few. Ride our pucks and leave your hill smelling better than you found it.
  •  We make unique, well thought out products nicely constructed of quality materials for world champions and neighborhood shredders alike. We promise it will serve you well, so thank you for considering/purchasing Holesom gear!         

Check out Holesom's quality decks, pucks, slide gear and bearings in the 907Boards Online Community store. You can also visit our physical store at 8225 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage to test the quality for yourself. Holesom always delivers a smile!

Listen to the interview here: