LB4C = Longboard4Change

Our mission: change lives and make the world a better place by sharing our two greatest passions - longboarding and literacy. Longboard4Change promotes longboarding in a positive way while raising awareness of important literacy issues.

• We believe it is the birthright of every person to learn to read

• We encourage kids and parents to experience longboarding as a healthy sport

• We understand the key to improving literacy lies in teacher training, parent involvement and student engagement

• We acknowledge literacy is a team effort

• We empower youth to participate in grassroots literacy awareness campaigns

• We inspire kids to explore their passion utilizing boards and books. LB4C raises awareness and enthusiasm for literacy through longboarding community events on and off the board.

Call us today if you seek creative, dedicated and energetic literacy partners. LB4C is ready to roll!!! Please ask about our sponsorship opportunities, school presentations, class field trips and LB4C groups. We are not a charity, nor do we accept donations. We are here to collaborate with skaters and educators.

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Literacy Helpline (888) 492-LB4C