Five-O Classic Green 64mm

Five-O Classic Green 64mm

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Classic Greens 64mm Five-O Wheels

This center-set freeride wheel is designed for any application where you want a light and agile, flippable soft longboard sliding wheel.  Featuring our 80a 'DumpThane' formula, these wheels will provide buttery smooth slides all the way to the core.  These wheels are made with the same classic Five-O formula as the clear, but with just a touch of green dye for luck.  Pure, honest, leprechaun-enhanced thane means more grip through the corners and smooth slides when sideways.  We chose to use a small, proven core that maximizes thane depth with no risk of cracking or blowouts.  


  • Diameter - 64mm 
  • Contact Patch - 35mm 
  • Durometer: 80a
  • Stone Ground/Pre-Broken In - Yes 
  • Thane Lines - Fck Yeah! 
  • Lips - Round 
  • Core Placement - Centerset 
  • Uses - Slow to fast freeride + mellow downhill + freestyle.