Landyachtz Triple Beam Deck

Landyachtz Triple Beam Deck

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The Triple Beam is about the balance between innovative concept design and functional skateboarding progression.  Good design should be invisible and disappear under your feet, allowing the rider to be fully in the moment.  To date, Skateboards are made based on factory capabilities.  By using a design driven manufacturing process, we have created a skateboard based on the capabilities of athletes.  The result is a new process for building performance skateboards which allow riders to reach speeds they never thought possible. 

The distribution of force and energy when riding at high speeds can greatly affect rider control.  By studying flex patterns and how materials react under stress we have eliminated torsional flex yet retained an optimal amount of longitudinal dampening.  This creates a stiff, smooth and more importantly, predictable feeling under your feet.  

Each Triple Beam is hand constructed by combining a unique mix of balsa wood, foam, polyurethane and carbon.  The result adds to a 1,380g (3.0 lbs) carbon dream.  Urethane nose and tail bumpers protect the deck from light curb bashes while Balsa wood truck mounts provide dampening and eliminate road vibration.  The Triple Beam is a product of Dillon Stephen’s vison, 32 months of development, 3 engineering minds, 1000+ development hours, 9 prototypes and over 25 races in 20 countries packed into one board.

Construction Features:
Hand Built Construction: Foam/Balsa/PU/Carbon
Urethane Nose and Tail Bumpers
Balsa wood truck mount inserts 
Carbon fibre skeletal frame interior with injected urethane foam
Full Carbon wrapped exterior 
Carbon reveal graphic on top and bottom
Hand numbered and dated 
Flex test approved stiffness 

Shape Features:
Symmetrical board shape
Mild rocker profile 
Molded radial drops for maximum foot coverage
Molded Wheel Wells  
Multiple Wheel Base options
A-symmetrical rear W concave 

Length = 36.5”  
Width = 9.5” at center, 10” at foot contact point
Wheel base = 28.5” - 29.5” 
Micro Drop = 0.5”
Weight: 1,380g